Tau Huirama

Cultural Coaching & Support | Celebrant | Maori Energy Healer | Story Teller | Author


Ko te tangi o te manu aa te Huia,
Hark to the sweet cry of our Huia bird,
Ki te hui hui, hui mai tatou,
To come gather one and all,
Whakahuihuitia mai ki te kaupapa e te tangi atu nei,
To gather, to share, to listen to each other in our endeavors,
Ki nga hua i roto i o tatou kaupapa korero  e whakatupu ake nei,
To select only the finest fruit that surfaces within our discussions to develop further.


LATEST NEWS: Tau has recently published a book Walking with Tūpuna inspired by his own spiritual journey.  If you would like to purchase a copy, please send an email to info@coachmentor.co.nz and he will be in touch.  A new website for Tau's books and other publications will be announced soon!



Tau HuiramaCultural Coaching & Support – Wedding and Funeral Celebrant – Maori Energy Healer – Story Teller

Tau Huirama has more than 20 years professional experience as a cultural supervisor, coach, mentor and facilitator of crucial conversations. He provides trustworthy, wise and knowledgeable cultural and bi-cultural advice and support to Maori and non-Maori seeking to deliver the best possible results for their Maori clients and stakeholders.

An experienced appreciative inquiry practitioner, Tau has the skill, experience and perception to help you and your organisation recognise your strengths, expand your thinking and knowledge and create opportunities for future development that will strengthen your effectiveness when working with across different cultures.

Tau has been a marriage celebrant for many years and is called upon regularly to walk alongside couples, families, whanau and friends helping them design their perfect wedding or celebration. He is also skilled in facilitating a range of other ceremonies for families and whanau, including funerals. As a funeral celebrant, Tau listens carefully to the wishes of family and whanau, helping them to plan the funeral ceremony they choose and then facilitating their ritual in a way that takes gently supports everyone involved.  

Tau’s wisdom, perceptiveness and skill as an indigenous spiritual energy healer means people have been drawn to him for spiritual healing throughout his life. Individuals, families and whanau, groups and organisations seek his help to bring healing energy into their lives and activities. He is also available to restore the nurturing energy of someone’s home or workplace.

Services provided by Tau Huirama

  • Cultural supervision, coaching, mentoring, faciilitation of bi-cultural conversations
    For individuals, teams, groups and organisations, Tau provides skilled, wise and experienced cultural supervision, advice, mentoring and training that gives you, your team and your organisation, the skills and tools needed to grow your cultural understanding and competency so you can deliver enhanced results for your Maori clients and stakeholders. Tau has deep professional experience as a facilitator of crucial conversations, helpign people overcome the barriers of misunderstanding, conflict and difference to enable them to create safe, inclusive conversations that build relationships, grow trust and lead to positive outcomes.
  • Celebrant services
    As an experienced wise wedding and funeral celebrant, Tau brings a depth of  expertise, experience, wisdom and sensitivity to his work.  Walking alongside couples, families, whanau and friends he helps them plan, design and facilitate the wedding, family ritual or funeral service that matches their unique situation, style, culture and needs.
  • Maori Energy Healing
    For many years Tau has facilitated healing through helping people to activate their own healing energy, bringing relief from physical and emotional tension and stress. He works with individuals, couples, families, whanau and groups combining a range of indigenous energy healing practices to best match individual needs.
  • Cultural story telling and public speaking training
    Tau is an inspirational indigenous, cultural and spiritual story teller and public speaker with wide life and cultural experience that provides him with deep rich and entertaining stories to share.  This includes insights into his spiritual energy healing journey and life growing up in a Maori whanau in the heart of Tainui. Tau is also internationally trained in public speaking and can help you, your family, group or organisation learn to tell your own stories with a vibrancy and spark that gains immediate attention from your audience.

    “Tau is a an incredible man, with amazing vision. He helped us to grow stronger and take up new exciting opportunities”

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